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Permanent exhibition

Meet the Authentic Gruyère

The Musée gruérien takes visitors on a fascinating, exciting, moving, and interactive journey through the history, art, culture and traditions of the Gruyère region. The 1,000 m2 permanent exhibition includes a host of authentic artefacts, models, reconstructions as well as lots of audiovisual material. Together, they offer a captivating snapshot of the real Gruyère. An urban centre surrounded by rural hinterlands, a long tradition of livestock rearing, thriving early industries, a bustling day-to-day life and a dynamic local culture – these are just some of the secrets that you will uncover about the region, which famously gave the world the much-loved Gruyère cheese.

The museum traces the history, art and traditions of the Gruyère region. Its permanent exhibition presents an important collection of Folk Art from the area (poyas, bells, cream spoons...).

Reconstructions of interiors and themed areas tell of the economic, religious and social history of the inhabitants of the region between the 16th and 20th centuries. There are farmers' rooms, mountain cheese dairies, objects bearing witness to popular piety, everyday life and the pastoral cycle.

Objects, costumes and documents reveal the richness of a traditional culture based on the farming of mountain pastures and trading of the famous Gruyère AOP cheese.

The visit takes between 1 and 2 hours

A perfect day out for all ages

Multilingual resources – French, German and English

Temporary exhibitions

Walking tour through the city of Bulle

Guided tours on request

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