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The Musée gruérien

Ever since 1917, the Musée gruérien has been examining and highlighting the cultural heritage of the Gruyère region. Located close to the historical centre of Bulle, the museum now offers a new permanent exhibition: a circuit entitled "Gruyère - Footprints and Detours".

The museum collects and preserves items, documents and works of art related to Gruyère and its inhabitants. It carries out research and publishes works pertaining to the collections and the history of the area. The various exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, present original works of art and items; they offer keys to encourage better understanding of the past and the present alike. Exhibitions within the museum welcome 30’000 visitors every year.The Gruyère Museum is open to the public six days a week throughout the year.The «Friends of the Museum» association organises cultural activities and promotes the development of the museum.



Permanent exhibition

Temporary exibitions